2017 Summer Cosplay Plans

In May I will be attending Anime North for all three days and I will be doing three different cosplays. In the Friday I will be cosplaying my own original character (OC), D.D. On the Saturday I’m planning to be cosplaying as Gray Fullbuster in his devil slayer form from fairytail and on the final day I’m planning to be cosplay Aomine Daiki from Kuroko no baske with my cousin.

Character Descriptions

digiThe Digital Detective (D.D) is a normal human with the ability to hack computers in mysterious ways. Her real name is unknown but because she is digital entity people have just started calling her D.D short for the Digital Detective. She has white hair cut into a bob with two longer piece at the front and in the longer pieces there are purple highlights. She has purple eyes and pale pink lips with a slight tan to her skin. Her clothing choose is usually casual but for my cosplay I’m going to be wearing a more dark punk outfit.

Gray Fullbuster is a ice magic user with dark blue hair and blue eyes. He rarely keeps his close on so I will be wearing black jeans and a bikini top. There are tattoos up his left arm in devil slayer mode which I will try to recreate as closely as possible and he has a silver sword necklace that I will either be trying to make or buying.

Aomine Daiki is a basketball player with a black and red uniform, dark blue hair and dark blue eyes. This will be the easiest cosplay I will be creating and will be done on the final day. I will probably carry around a basketball just as a final touch.



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