It’s the middle of April and I have a snow day.

So, I’ve been meaning to post for a while but I have been working on a personal project that’s taken all of my time, on top of this I caught a cold and have been fighting that off for the last few days so over all I have been putting this blog on hold for a quick minute. I now have a second to myself where I can sit down and write and that is because there is snow and ice on the ground… In the middle of April. Enough so that all school transportation has been cancelled. I know I live in Canada but it’s spring and there’s snow covering the ground. Well aside from that I’m going to try to write up few more of my random life happenings in the next week or so as well as trying to get a clear post schedule to hold myself to.



The Dark Side of the Sandman

As a child, once my head hit the fluffy mountain of pillows, I hoped that the next time my eyes would open I would be greeted by the warm morning sun beating down on my face. However, in my case, that rarely happened. The insignificant social anxieties of a young child bogged my mind taking the form of monsters that most children feared hiding in the closet, under their beds or behind them. The only difference between most children and myself was that those monsters not only hid in the shadows of my room but also lurked in my subconscious, waiting. Continue reading “The Dark Side of the Sandman”


On Sunday I am planning to publish one of my short stories on here. I was hoping to have it written, edited and posted by today but I ended up working on a business card instead so it will be going up Sunday. Anyway I will also hopefully be putting up some artwork as well later on but for now I have some pictures I took while practicing photography.

Continue reading “Photography”

Finding Memories

The old woman knelt on the storage room floor, pulling out box after box of random items that had been collected over her 72-year lifespan. Porcelain trinkets, clothes, books and photo albums littered the floor around her as she sorted the things she was going to throw away and those she couldn’t bear to part with. One item in particular, caught her gaze as she opened the next box; without hesitation, she immediately snatched it from its bed of cloth and debris to get a closer look. Continue reading “Finding Memories”

Strange and Dangerous; Inconsiderate Driver

So by the title of this post, I think you might be able to tell some details of what I’m about to tell you but I don’t think anyone except the friend who was with me can tell you exactly what you’re about to read. So I live in a rather small city where everyone knows every little thing that happens. Due to this most people just blind themselves to the nonsensical and focus of the juicy gossip. I, however, seem to always spot the strange things that others don’t which leads to lots of stories just like this one. Continue reading “Strange and Dangerous; Inconsiderate Driver”

Happy Easter


pexels-photo-381699Hi, I know the day is almost over where I am and possibly could be over where others are but happy Easter. I was going to write up a few of the strange stories from my life but I didn’t find the time today so hopefully I can write a few throughout this week. Yesterday I published a project with my logo and the creation process behind it so if you want to check that out Click Here and it will take you to that. Anyway until tomorrow,


First Post (I Guess)

I am really bad at starting posts but once I have the first sentence down it usually goes okay. Anyway, hi I don’t know exactly how many times I have written and rewritten the first post on my blog but I promise this time I won’t delete it. I don’t exactly know how you’re finding this post (not that it really matters) but hi. Seeing as this is my first post I’ll kind of use it as an introductory of who I am and what you can expect from me/my blog. I’m a barely adult who is into anime and the paranormal. I love to writing, create artwork and cosplaying with my friends so that’s a lot of what I will be posting. I have strange happenings that seem to flock to me no matter where I am or what I’m doing and I don’t usually tell them to people outside of my friend group (because I’m a major introvert). Anyway, that’s a summary of me in a nutshell if you want to read more in detail you can check out my About Me page or take a look around my blog.