About Me

Hello, I am an aspiring writer as well as a self-proclaimed artist. All of my work is amateur but I strive everyday to improve my skills. I am currently a high school student finishing my final years at a local high school and I’ve taken a lot of media based courses such as Media arts and Comm Tech. I have always wanted to go into graphic design and possibly video game character/costume design one day\.

I rarely talk about my self because there’s nothing interesting to say I’m an average student with average grades. The only thing that stands out is that I also run the anime club at my school. It is the one community I feel at home in even with all the madness that is part of the anime community. After finding anime I found a love for the art style and have been trying to improve my drawing ability ever since.

I have also been writing since a pretty young age, my interest leaning more towards the fantasy and sci-fi side of things. I used to like the non-fiction side more but as I developed my imagination I wanted to express that in any way possible. I learned most of the artistic skills from my mom but when it comes to digital art I have either taught myself or looked up tutorials. I am still working on expressing and inventing my own style, both in my writing and in my artwork, but I know that one day it will naturally begin to form itself.