About Me

Selfie -- 30.03.2018

Hello, I’m Alice, a 19-year-old girl with a very imaginative mind. I have always been very creative and love to express myself through mediums such as art (digital or traditional) and writing. In all the years that I have been alive I have not created an entire novel, even though I have started many, but I have written and completed multiple short stories. My art style is constantly growing and expanding especially digitally and I’m hoping to have a future career in web design or video game character design in the future.

I have always been inspired by my mother who was really good at art and taught me how to draw when I was a child. Due to this one of my goals became to surpass her skill within her main medium, which is painting, although I’m aware that that goal is still a ways away. Other than my mom, my grandmother was another big contributor to my love for art. She babysat me a lot and most of that time was spent doing little arts and craft projects.

In my teen years I have started watching anime and reading manga. This hobby that I gained opened an entirely different world of art up to me. I would love to be able to do drawn animations (which in my opinion looks harder than claymation) and possible even create a webtoon in the future. I even try to copy some popular character designs from time to time but for the most part I use a mixed bag of styles to create my own characters which don’t get uses as anything more than doodles.

Anyway, as a whole, I’m socially awkward and have trouble expressing myself when speaking out loud (probably why I write… most defiantly why I write) so I hope you enjoy what you find on this blog (a little look into my world) and can possibly even relate.