About Me

Hello, I’m Vee and writing an about me page is one of the hardest things for me to do. Currently I am studying at one of the local high schools and I hope that in the future I can study graphic design in post secondary and further my knowledge. I’m an aspiring artist and an amateur writer who strives everyday to improve my skills and better myself. I still haven’t found a style that I can call my own but the more I draw the closer I get. My goals for this year are to expand my range from digital art and try my hand at fashion and jewelry design in some way.

When it comes to art my inspiration it came from my mother whose art skills I wish to surpass and my grandmother who always had a new craft project for us to work on. At a young age I also found a love for the written word which is why I started writing myself. Some of my favorite genres to read and write are sci-fi and fantasy which is because of my love for magic and human evolution. As I grew up these two hobbies became a way of relieving stress and entertaining myself as well as a possible career choice. Now that I’m older I know that I wish to pursuing a career as a graphic designer because it will give me different challenges and chances to continue learning even after I graduate.

I also love anime and manga and personally want to improve my skills in this style at some point as well as learn animation so I could possibly animate one of my stories one day. So that’s me and my goals, I hope you enjoy what you find on this site and don’t be afraid to comment what you think.