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Con Crunch

So for the past few weeks I’ve been working almost 24/7 on my cosplays and finalizing plans for anime north and now its only a week away. I’ve been stressing myself out with finalizations and now I’m almost finished all my cosplays. My line up is my OC on Friday because there wont be many people there and I’m not going to go all out with a well known character when the con is only half as long as the other two days. The Saturday I’m going as Gray Fullbuster from fairy tail, however, I’m going to genderbend the character instead of crossplaying because binding my chest takes way too long for me. On the Sunday I’m going as Aomine Daiki from kuroko no basket because he is overall my favourite character and an easy cosplay to make and wear on a hot day. This character will also be genderbent and I will share all of the pictures on my cosplay page which you can see if you Click Here. Until next time…



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