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The lost art of communication

Hello, as you may have seen from what I have on my blog I’m a relatively peaceful person but one trait I’ve picked up is the ability to be brutally honest when it comes to people’s personalities. I will take a lot of shit from a person before I snap on them and I really want to get a point across. If a person doesn’t communicate and takes on large roles then they are leave the people following them in the dark. One person who I’ve been working with for a few years now has done this to me so many times it’s not even funny and more and I finally snapped which is to be expected when you have a sudden change to be made with a deadline around the corner. This was when I began to wonder how much people around me truly know how to communicate and if it is a lost art. I would like to hear from those following this blog if possible. If you were given a large project and you knew the deadline and what had to be in the final product for it to work, how would you feel if one of minor details got changed without your knowing and left you uncertain of wether one of the final pieces would show up on time. I’m honestly stressed and tired and don’t know why people can’t see the point to my argument. Everyone’s giving me different information or no information at all and the main cause of it isn’t even someone I should have to concern myself with but some how once again they have taken control and gone power crazy. Anyway I’m not checking this over for grammar mistakes so I hope it makes sense. Its midnight here and I’m going to bed after I post this.



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