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My Pun Caused the Paranormal

So yesterday I published a post called ‘Avctivity but Not the Paranormal kind’ which I though was hilarious but apparently the things around my didn’t think it was and now I have a mystery on my hands that I can not explain and would love to get your opinions on. This morning I woke up and my bed side light was on, now most people would write that off as them being forgetful but I know for a fact I turned it off. I have trouble sleeping when it’s completely dark which is just an irrational fear that I’ve kept since childhood but is the biggest factor to why, last night, I know I went to sleep in the dark bundled up in multiple layers of blankets. I use to sleep walk from the time I was around 5 until I was 7 but haven’t since which is why I know I’m not the cause. There was also another instance in my house where my friend was sleeping over and I had my television on a timer. I was still awake when the timer turned the television off because I have trouble getting to sleep. I heard the click and saw the screen go black so I turned over and tried harder to force myself to sleep. As I started to drift off around a half an hour later I heard my friend mumble in her sleep (she sleeptalks sometimes) and in the dark couldn’t tell if she was sleeptalking or directing her mumbles at me. So I called her name and when she didn’t respond I went to roll back over but the television turned back on startling me. I looked from the tv to my friend and then called out to her again she responded this time but I still don’t know what turned the television back on. In the cause of the tv I was beside the remote which was on my bedside table and neither of us touch it when the tv turned on. I don’t have any explanation but would love one.



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