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Why scary movies are no longer scary

I went to see Ouija: Origin of Evil this weekend and although I jumped a bit I can’t really say it’s scary. I’ve noticed a growing trend when it come to new horror movies and that is that the trailer is scarier than the actual movie. I’m usually scared the first time I watch through any horror movie but I only deem it a true horror movie if it gives me trouble sleeping at night. Most horror movies made now are pretty tame compared to some older movies. I think part of the problem is the fact that now people can rely on in program effects to make things look better. The things that used to scare me in the old movies were the decrepit looking creatures made by hand that were never truly perfect, now they can be made perfectly but that perfection takes away most of the horror aspect for me. In all honesty the trailer shows most of the frightening parts leaving everything to be expected.



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